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Muzikit – another way into music making

Explore Muzikit to find everything you need to engage, excite and educate both the young and the young in heart.

Food and music are entwined in Muzikit. Put no labels or limits on anyone

Let’s do it! Come and play, now.

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Dive into Muzikit.

Explore, discover, learn, create and compose using our instruments, art and craft materials, magnetic Foodshapes, DVD and Handbook.

WE PLAY music and make Instruments

Our original custom-made wooden instruments link with the human body and encourage exploration and discovery.

WE ENJOY and munch Banana Chips from shaking Bananaracas

Food is at the core of the Muzikit experience which makes it fun for everyone.

WE CREATE AND COMPOSE with colours and shapes to make the link between alphabetical letters and the seven notes of music

For this magic journey into writing and reading music, the kit contains seven tuned Foodchimes and a Glockenspiel.

This unique concept of Foodnotation finalising in conventional Western notation is developed throughout Muzikit.